Lord Protect My Child

First: some business.

As you may have noticed, many of the links from this site (www.lostmelodies.com) are directed towards Youtube.Unfortunately, Youtube does not make downloading their movies user friendly. However, I found this post to show you how to do it.

Back to your regularly scheduled post…

Susan Tedeschi (tuh-DEH-skee) is one amazing blues singer and guitarist who is still making a name for herself. Her voice reminds me of Bonnie Raitt (who is also an amazing musican). Tedeschi's husband is Derek Trucks. As the leader of The Derek Trucks Band and a member of The Allman Brothers, he is considered to be among the guitar gods. They do have a child together and it is very fitting that Susan Tedeschi has included Bob Dylan's song "Lord Protect My Child" on her album Hope And Desire.

I love Tedeschi's version of the song. To hear a complete version, click here and then on the "Listen" button on the site. This is a performance on Live At The World Cafe. If you only want to listen to this song, skip 7 minutes into the show.

With guitarists like Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks as parents, their child has a lot to live up to. Lord, protect that child! Have a nice weekend.

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