Fleck does Bach

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are hands down one of the finest group of musicians performing today. Their style is a unique blend of bluegrass, jazz, and funk. Each band member has inovative material under his belt OUTSIDE of the group.

Bassist is a virtuoso in his own right. that he is referred to as the “Michael Jordan” of Bass. Victor has a number of worth checking out. He seems so relaxed when he plays, it looks like he is going to fall asleep, though his fingers move at warp speed.
Wooten’s achievements include:

  • Two Nashville Music Awards for Bassist Of The Year
  • The only three-time winner of Bass Player magazine’s Bass Player Of The Year

, Victor’s brother, is an inventor/musician. The – a guitar-like instrument that produces drum sounds and the RoyEl- a piano-like instrument that has keys set up like the are both instruments in which Future Man plays with the .

He also plays an interesting minimalist drum kit. Listening to him play acoustically, you would never know that he had so few percussive sounds at his disposal.

, the newest member of the Flecktones, is a multi-instrumentalist best known for his . He also . Once when I saw him, he played! I find the music of the to be much better since 1997 when joined .

has his own group called . has also played with an impressive group of musicians including:

Last but not least is . is considered to be among the best banjo players ever. He can do amazing things on that instrument. The styles that he plays include classical, jazz, and bluegrass. His awards, achievements, and musical groups are too numerous to mention on this blog. Though you can read about him.

Back to the …last friday, instead of going to work, I was a (yes, was actually wearing a ) and went to ‘s free at noon concert with live performance by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. I am sorry you were unable to join me in attendance, however you can relive the memories via of a streaming, unedited At about 52:30 into the broadcast, performs a stunning solo piece by . If you are short on time and want a mere tasting of , here is a on Late night with Conan O’Brian.
Man that was a long entry… Well, at least you’ll have some great music to listen to on a Monday. Enjoy!

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