Jack Johnson- perfect cruising music

It's Friday, the weather is nice. I feel like going for a drive out in the country with the windows down, some nice grooves on my stereo, and a pair of shades on. An artist who really gets me in the happy, cruisin' kinda mood is former surf champion- . I keep a copy of one of his CDs (either or ) in my car at all times for that purpose. Unfortunately, many people know only for the song or worse- playing the soundtrack to (and the childish video- ).

However, if you want a real taste for , check out his debut album- . One of my favorite songs on the album, which is not well known outside the fan base, is . is rather awkward until the song finds its groove. But, I was able to track down of the song recorded . Download . Put on your stereo and drive.

Note: Yesterday, the site more than doubled it's normal traffic. This is very exciting. I have lots more great stuff to post in the coming weeks. The best is yet to come! Additionally, I want to encourage you to recommend postings for this site. Email me at submissions@lostmelodies.com with links to your favorite Lost Melodies and some information about the song/artist and why it should be included.

See you back on Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Jack Johnson- perfect cruising music

  1. Heleno says:

    Is there a Jack Johnson song on the Tv series called “Lost”? I think I heard a song during the 1st season which sounded so much like him, but I ‘m not sure of it… Can you clear up my doubt? Thanks a lot.

  2. Key says:

    This is not Jack Johnson… The music is Wash Away – Joe Purdy

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