Is Louie Louie Obscene?

Put on the song Louie Louie and you'll have baby boomers up and dancing in no time! They'll feel like it's still 1966.

The Smoking Gun reports on the FBI's investigation of The Kingsmen song Louie Louie. The idea of this song being obscene is quite comical. There is nothing close to controversial in the lyrics! You can find copies of the original documents at The Smoking Gun website.

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No Relation to Celine

Dion DiMucci (better known as simply Dion) is the only performer from the day the music died who did not take the plane ride that fateful day. Being the only survivor from this tour took Dion on a profound Spiritual Journey.

I recently saw Dion perform a live concert for Dion has a new album of Blues covers and is still a great performer. If you are not familiary with his work, here is a video for A Teenager in Love and sound clips for Runaround Sue and The Wanderer. Have a nice weekend!

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Buddy Holly’s Unreleased Final Recordings

After yesterdays post about , I wanted to post about one Holly- Buddy. Buddy Holly, best known as one of the creators of Rock and Roll, had great songs such as Peggy Sue, , and . Prior to his untimely death- the day the music diedHolly recorded his final recordings in his living room. I really enjoy the recordings and I am not sure why they are not yet released on record. Enjoy.

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Lost Melodies of the British Invasion

I was searching on the Internet to see if I could find more information about . They were part of the along with and . Their sound reminds me a bit of , their harmonies are tight like . It's no wonder the vocals are so good- Graham Nash was in prior to joining .

Anyway, I love the song and was looking to see if this group had any more waiting to be found. I was thrilled to find a ton of great stuff! The best, most obscure of the songs would be . The song is a fantastic cover of a song featured on In The Wind. I can't believe was never a hit! Other songs worth checking out are ,and .

Be Sure to check out tomorrows post: Buddy Holly’s Unreleased Final Recordings

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Beware of Super Groups!

What do you get when you add , The Beatles' , and (lead singer from the )? No, not a remix. Not a new by . You get the ! The group lasted only two albums- the second one lacking he died of a heart attack. The first album- is worth listening to, though it seems that it is out of print. But, don't expect it to be something that its not! Each one of the artists is great on their own. It doesn't mean that this super group will make this the best album ever made! Their work is different than other works by these artists and I do enjoy it. Anyway, check out of one of the nice songs from the first album: . Other songs I enjoy are Tweeter and The Monkey Man, and Handle With Care.

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Bill Graham Presents

, legendary 60s concert promoter, died in the 1991 in a helicopter accident. Born in Germany, was sent to France to live during World War II and thus escaped the horrors of the Nazis. However, many family members, including his mother were not so lucky. This history did not stop from thriving in his professional life. had a knack for creating incredible concert bills. There has yet to be a promoter quite like . Some of lineups included:

opening for
and with
with and .

Luckily, had the foresight to record many of his concerts. Today, provides free streaming music live collection. The rest of the site, , offers an impressive number of posters, T-shirts, and other music related items for sale.

I hope that the recordings featured on will be transfered onto CDs and MP3s so generations to come will hear the brilliance that was created with the help of

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Soul Food

It will be 35 years this October that the late great died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24. His performances with the and with Derek and the Dominos on are legendery. It is amazing that the continued long after untimely death. And, continue to perform even to this day.

The only songs by the I have heard on the radio are and – fine songs indeed. Another one of my favorite songs is . While searching the blogs, I came across a killer jam of by the with an intro by himself. Don't miss out on . the best live recording I have heard in a while. knocked my socks off!

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What makes your big head so hard?

When I went to the three years ago, I was glued to the listening station. Learning about the greats of Rock And Roll past, I came across an artist known as and His Tympany Band. was a singer, saxophone player, and band leader. Now really knew how to party! paid tribute to with I love the style, lyrics, and energy that brings to his mix of early rock and roll with a big band flair. Check out one of the many great songs of Louis Jordan- . And a .

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