Phil Ochs

was known as the "2nd best" protest singer of the 60s after . However, somehow you rarely hear his name mentioned. His lyrics are as important (probably more so) than his melodies. I just learned from my friend at Cybersmusic that they are releasing some material on CD for the first time.

Phil Ochs best song is probably "." The song describes a soldier who fights in all the US wars and decides that he isn't marching anymore. I found on . Though it is not the finest version of , it is worth checking out. When I first heard on the , I literally got chills up my spine. It's that good.

Other brilliant songs worth checking out are , , and (about the infamous murder of ).

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One thought on “Phil Ochs

  1. mikiesoft says:

    Hey! Great site. Thanks for linking to and mentioning cybersmusic. It’s wonderful that you found us, and even more so, you’re picking up on some of these great re-releases coming out now.

    It’s about time that some of this really great music and artists are seeing the light of day as re-released on CD.

    Another great resource is, because no one does re-releases and box sets better.

    Tip: Have you heard Jude Cole?

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