Hotel Yorba

I think that are a great band. Though sometimes they seem too artsy for their own good and other times too much like a rip-off band, I can’t fault for trying to be inventive. The group has put out plenty of good material including videos for , , and . All these videos are all unique, entertaining, and worth viewing.

An often overlooked song by the White Stripes is . I just love and it was one of the first videos I ever saw of this group. It’s retro, a lot of fun, and is definitely one of my favorite songs. Pick up a copy of this song on their White Blood Cells Album.Related Tags: The White Stripes, Meg White, Jack White, Hotel Yorba, Seven Nation Army, My Doorbell, Blue Orchid, Fell in Love with a girl, Led Zeppelin, music, video


One thought on “Hotel Yorba

  1. […] Over at the terrific Lost Melodies blog there’s a great post about the White Stripes and some some of their videos. The highlight is Hotel Yorba, a simple, catchy little song that’s very easy to play. The video has so many closeups of Jack White’s fret hand that it’s practically an instructional video on how to play the song. Any beginning guitar player will immediately recognize our old friends the C, D, and G chords, proof that these simple, basic chords can form the basis for a modern sog, albeit with a retro feel. […]

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