Who is this Buddy guy?

After last Thursday’s post about Jimi Hendrix, I thought it would be fun to feature Buddy Guy, one of Jimi’s major influences. George “Buddy” Guy is one heck of a guitar player. How good is he? Well, Eric Clapton once said that Buddy Guy is “by far without a doubt the best guitar player alive…He really changed the course of rock and roll blues [via link].” This is quite a complement coming from guitar royalty.

However, despite his accomplishments, somehow, Buddy Guy does not seem to be a household name. I was able to trackdown some classic footage from the 1970s of Buddy Guy tearing it up. This video is quite a treat.

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One thought on “Who is this Buddy guy?

  1. Kelly says:

    Haha…like the pun title. I know who Buddy Guy is. 🙂

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