Blues Clues

News: I am very pleased that this site has been featured on, though todays post is not about Classic Rock, I will definitely continue to feature classic rock on this site. However, If it weren't for the blues, we would have no classic rock.

For quite a while, I have been searching for some hard core blues sites to learn more about old-time blues artists. Last week, on Guitar Novice, there was a link to Year of the Blues. There is a great 13-part radio series on that site that I highly recommend.

Another resource for Blues scholars-in-training is You can surf around the Blues area on that site and learn about the many types of Blues. It's amazing how many blues styles exist besides the Delta and Chicago varities.

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One thought on “Blues Clues

  1. Anthony says:

    Another great resource is They have a ton of old blues and country recordings. You have to pay for the downloads but it’s fairly reasonable $9.99 for 40 downloads.

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