Drink some Moby Grape Wine

, recorded in 1967, is pure brilliance. Every song on will instantly appeal to fans of classic rock. ranks this album at number 121 of the 500 Greatest Albums of all time (12/11/03, p.126)- not too shabby! So you must be wondering why you never heard of (no, has nothing to do with bald-headed techno giant ). Well, the record label released 5 singles from this album at the same time! So, none of the songs got much air time. Other tragic events for include: band members getting in trouble with the law when they were caught with underage girls- not too good for publicity. And, the bizarre antics of Skip Spence ( member as well as original member of ) didn't help much. Unfortunately, Skip went insane and eventually passed away in 1999 of cancer. I found an that tells the story of this troubled band.

Don't let history of the band get you down! It's all about the music! I was able to find of at their peak performing some of their songs. If you haven't heard , stop what you are doing and buy now. You won't be dissapointed.

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One thought on “Drink some Moby Grape Wine

  1. Dave Harkness says:

    Love Moby Grape

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