What makes your big head so hard?

When I went to the three years ago, I was glued to the listening station. Learning about the greats of Rock And Roll past, I came across an artist known as and His Tympany Band. was a singer, saxophone player, and band leader. Now really knew how to party! paid tribute to with I love the style, lyrics, and energy that brings to his mix of early rock and roll with a big band flair. Check out one of the many great songs of Louis Jordan- . And a .

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One thought on “What makes your big head so hard?

  1. CyberCoder says:

    Wow, take me back, way back. My mother taught me at an early age that rock and roll owed a lot to the Swing Era, and specifically Benny Goodman. This video took me back to that memory, thanks, and I just gotta say…

    Rest in peace ma !! Thanks for teaching us to love music !

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