Bill Graham Presents

, legendary 60s concert promoter, died in the 1991 in a helicopter accident. Born in Germany, was sent to France to live during World War II and thus escaped the horrors of the Nazis. However, many family members, including his mother were not so lucky. This history did not stop from thriving in his professional life. had a knack for creating incredible concert bills. There has yet to be a promoter quite like . Some of lineups included:

opening for
and with
with and .

Luckily, had the foresight to record many of his concerts. Today, provides free streaming music live collection. The rest of the site, , offers an impressive number of posters, T-shirts, and other music related items for sale.

I hope that the recordings featured on will be transfered onto CDs and MP3s so generations to come will hear the brilliance that was created with the help of

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