Lost Melodies of the British Invasion

I was searching on the Internet to see if I could find more information about . They were part of the along with and . Their sound reminds me a bit of , their harmonies are tight like . It's no wonder the vocals are so good- Graham Nash was in prior to joining .

Anyway, I love the song and was looking to see if this group had any more waiting to be found. I was thrilled to find a ton of great stuff! The best, most obscure of the songs would be . The song is a fantastic cover of a song featured on In The Wind. I can't believe was never a hit! Other songs worth checking out are ,and .

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One thought on “Lost Melodies of the British Invasion

  1. Kelly says:

    I love the Hollies! Like their sound. I like Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress. Bus Stop sounds good too. Will have to listen to the others later. 🙂

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