Soul Food

It will be 35 years this October that the late great died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24. His performances with the and with Derek and the Dominos on are legendery. It is amazing that the continued long after untimely death. And, continue to perform even to this day.

The only songs by the I have heard on the radio are and – fine songs indeed. Another one of my favorite songs is . While searching the blogs, I came across a killer jam of by the with an intro by himself. Don't miss out on . the best live recording I have heard in a while. knocked my socks off!

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Stop requesting Stairway!!!

Just about every live concert I go to, someone yells "!" Though usually the band on stage ignores the desperate cry for a , many do not. I was surprised to find ! Maybe now people will stop requesting this song. Or… maybe not. Have a nice weekend!

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What makes your big head so hard?

When I went to the three years ago, I was glued to the listening station. Learning about the greats of Rock And Roll past, I came across an artist known as and His Tympany Band. was a singer, saxophone player, and band leader. Now really knew how to party! paid tribute to with I love the style, lyrics, and energy that brings to his mix of early rock and roll with a big band flair. Check out one of the many great songs of Louis Jordan- . And a .

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Waves of Electrical Sound

is best known for his performance at and leading the chant of a certain four-letter word. I saw him play a free performance at a small coffee shop in Michigan called the a couple years ago. There were fewer than 10 in attendance. It was sad that more people didn't know about this show, but still amazing to see in such an intimate setting.

A little known fact about is that he used to be the boyfriend of . At this performance, he played his tribute to . I find to be very moving.  You can find lots of information and more songs on website  Enjoy.

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Drink some Moby Grape Wine

, recorded in 1967, is pure brilliance. Every song on will instantly appeal to fans of classic rock. ranks this album at number 121 of the 500 Greatest Albums of all time (12/11/03, p.126)- not too shabby! So you must be wondering why you never heard of (no, has nothing to do with bald-headed techno giant ). Well, the record label released 5 singles from this album at the same time! So, none of the songs got much air time. Other tragic events for include: band members getting in trouble with the law when they were caught with underage girls- not too good for publicity. And, the bizarre antics of Skip Spence ( member as well as original member of ) didn't help much. Unfortunately, Skip went insane and eventually passed away in 1999 of cancer. I found an that tells the story of this troubled band.

Don't let history of the band get you down! It's all about the music! I was able to find of at their peak performing some of their songs. If you haven't heard , stop what you are doing and buy now. You won't be dissapointed.

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Blues Clues

News: I am very pleased that this site has been featured on, though todays post is not about Classic Rock, I will definitely continue to feature classic rock on this site. However, If it weren't for the blues, we would have no classic rock.

For quite a while, I have been searching for some hard core blues sites to learn more about old-time blues artists. Last week, on Guitar Novice, there was a link to Year of the Blues. There is a great 13-part radio series on that site that I highly recommend.

Another resource for Blues scholars-in-training is You can surf around the Blues area on that site and learn about the many types of Blues. It's amazing how many blues styles exist besides the Delta and Chicago varities.

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Carpe Diem

weren't really a band, at least not like others 60's groups. I'm not saying that they were like or anything, but P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri were the band and manufactured three completely different incarnations of bands each called . Sloan and Barri hoped for- and suceeded in- gaining financially by the folk-rock movement. Despite this checkered history (at least in terms of 60s bands), I really love this song . I don't feel it sounds "manufactured" at all. Have a great weekend and live for today!

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