Lost Crowes on Lost Melodies: CD Giveaway!

This is a first for Lostmelodies.com, I am giving away a copy of The Black Crowes brand new two-disc set, entitled Lost Crowes. Read the rules at the end of this post. Twice The Black Crowes, best known for songs such as Remedy and She Talks to Angels, have recorded albums that were never officially released: Tall in 1993 and Band in 1997. What a bummer, especially with the dearth of good rock albums in rescent years. Though a few songs from these lost albums were rerecorded and released on studio albums, many have emerged only through the band’s live shows. The Crowes recently went into the vault, collecting the best moments from those abandoned sessions for this two-disc set. The compilation will be available August 29. The same day, the band’s 1992 home video, Who Killed That Bird Out On Your Window Sill, will make its DVD debut.

The track listing is as follows
Disc 1: The Band Sessions
1. “Paint An 8
2. “Grinnin”
3. “If It Ever Stops Raining”
4. “Wyoming & Me”
5. “Predictable”
6. “Never Forget This Song”
7. “Life Vest”
8. “Another Roadside Tragedy”
9. “My Heart’s Killing Me”
10. “Peace Anyway”
Disc 2: The Tall Sessions
1. “A Conspiracy
2. “Evil Eye”
3. “Cursed Diamond”
4. “London P25
5. “Dirty Hair Halo”
6. “Hi-Head Blues”
7. “Feathers”
8. “Nonfiction”
9. “Tied Up And Swallowed”
10. “Wiser Time”
12. “Sunday Buttermilk Waltz”
12. “Descending”
13. “Lowdown”
14. “Tornado”
15. “Songs Of The Flesh”
16. “Thunderstorm 6:54”

Contest Rules are simple. Email me at lostmelodies@lostmelodies.com

1. Your favorite lost melody (not yet published on this site), background information on the song/artist and why this should be picked. You don’t need to send contact information, you will be notified by email if you win.
2. Must provide a link to the song (ex. youtube, archive.org, another website, etc). Attachments will not be considered. 3. There is no limit on the number of entries.
3. Winner will receive The Lost Crowes two CD set and will have his or her posting featured on this site. Second place, Third place, etc. may be featured as seen fit.
4. This Contest rules section of the site with be removed when a winner has been found

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