Howl at the Moon

Peter Rowan has had many touches with greatness as a member of:

*Bill Monroe‘s Bluegrass boys
*David Grisman‘s group Earth Opera (They opened for The Doors numerous times)
*Old & In The Way (with Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, and Vassar Clements)

However, Rowan remains widely unknown. Though, he did pen the fantastic song Midnight Moonlight. I checked out some of Rowan’s other material on his album The Rowans. The album has a nice feel to it but the real gem on it is the version of Midnight Moonlight. Here is a full version of Midnight Moonlight played by the Dark Star Orchestra (who are quite good. even though they are cover band). By The Way, I’d love a copy of Old & In The Way‘s self titled album however, it is out of print and Crazy Expensive. And yes, that’s on CD…

Have another favorite Rowan song? Do share.

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