Sweet Analog Goodness

I recently came across some sweet galleries of cassette tapes [via]. Both pages are fun and bring back memories of making mix tapes. If you don’t mind going analog, you can get some great deals at thrift stores and assorted mainstream stores that still have a small selection of cassettes.

Cassette Jam is a sensory overload gallery of cassettes in an all-you-can eat fashion. This web-page gets straight to the point, but is not much for the cassette aficionado.

If you prefer your tapes in an orderly fashion so you can enjoy each logo, scratch, ridge, and paste-it-yourself label (along with wine and caviar, of course), you will enjoy TapeDeck.org. It has tape galleries divided by brand, playing time, and tape quality. Be sure to click on the cassettes. They each zoom into a larger image. This zoom feature is high tech!

Enough of that analog stuff. Back to the blogosphere…

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