Open Doors

The Doors are one of my all time favorite bands. The dark, acid-tripping, psychedelic nature of the music is mesmerizing. Unfortunately, The Doors only came out with only six studio albums (compared to The Beatles twelve). Since Jim Morrison’s untimely death in 1971, The Doors franchise has gone berserk.

“Light my fire” with a Jim Morrison lighter on a Jim Morrison Candle. Pretend to be Jim Morrison with a Jim Morrison Action Figure. Relive his arrest, with a Jim Morrison mug shot poster. Be the cool kid at school with a Jim Morrison lunch box, Jim Morrison earrings, or heck, go all out by wearing a Jim Morrison Wig. Show your patriotism, with Jim Morrison on an American Flag. Mail a letter with a Morrison Postage Stamp. Show your devotion to Morrison with this depiction of Jim Morrison with a crown of thorns or how about Morrison as a Hindu god? Relive his death with a poster of his grave. Wait a second, maybe he (like Elvis) is not actually dead?!? Watch a documentary about Jim’s ghost. There is even a video of some guy who claims to be Jim Morrison- alive and living as a cowboy!

If you don’t feel completely ill at the thought of some “new” music by Jim Morrison and The Doors, you should check out remixes (links connect to the official Doors website) by Paul Oakenfield, Crystal Method, BT Vs. The Doors, and even Snoop Dogg!

The only really intriguing thing I could find about Jim Morrison on the web is this video which has a young Jim Morrison playing the roll of a student who was rejected from Florida State University. The reason I like it so much is because Jim is so clean cut in it (no leather pants, no mugging for the camera, no sunglasses, short hair!) and because it humanizes him rather than deifies him like in most other instances.

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2 thoughts on “Open Doors

  1. Jaz says:

    I know someone who introduced me to the Doors… he leant me his American Prayer CD, and parts were so haunting that the melodies plagued me during the SATs. Then, my friend took the CD away. It was pre-burning days.

  2. alvina says:

    Jim is just…well…Jim. There’s nothing that could ever, or CAN ever compare to him. And with all the eerie presence I often feel every night when I listen to ‘The End’ I really believe he still exists…like he hasn’t had a place in heaven or hell…like he’d been made only for the world. He just won’t leave; and frankly, I don’t mind. When I was first introduced to the Doors around 30 years after Jim’s death, I regretted being born this late. I regretted not being there when he ruled the concerts and everything else the human mind could comprehend. But as months and years went by…I realized that I have nothing to regret about: he’s still here. I feel it. Not to sound like a weirdo or psycho…but I just know he’s around when people are actually listening to him talk through music. I haven’t had the luck of actually seeing him, but I’ve felt him…often. Walking around. Watching me listen to him. Hearing me whispering the words. Feeling me go high. I guess it’s from the heavens? I have NO idea. I don’t need to have an idea. I love being in his presence. I love feeling it.

    I know, I love this vdo too. He still looks somewhat ‘out of the world’.

    Remixes are a no-no! NO! NOOOO!!!! NEVER! they don’t work! Go get the essence! Let it haunt you! Weird as it seems, you’ll definitely love that haunting feeling…you’ll want to stop, but you’ll love it so much that you won’t be able to. Talk about paradoxical feelings. It’s a horribly beautiful experience.

    Is everybody in?
    The ceremony is about to begin…

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