Buddy Holly+Johnny Cash= Junior Brown

Opening bands have always had it rough. Who wants to hear the opening band? Not me! (Well, that is usually). When I went to see Bob Dylan at a recent concert, Junior Brown was the opening act. He was great. A mix between Buddy Holly’s rockabilly and Johnny Cash‘s country roots. He plays an instrument he invented which combines a 6-string guitar on one neck and a steel guitar on the other (he calls it a “guit-steel”). This is no gimmick. Brown moves so seamlessly between the different parts of his instrument to create his unique sound.

Here are some videos worth checking out:

My 409 (performed with The Beach Boys)
Sugarfoot Rag music video
This terrible video of the someone lip syncing the Junior Brown song Highway Patrol (though it’s a fun song).

If these videos whet your appetite, pick up a copy of Junior Brown’s Greatest HIts for more great music.

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2 thoughts on “Buddy Holly+Johnny Cash= Junior Brown

  1. J says:

    Maybe a mix of Holly, Cash, and Mr. Jimi Hendix as well. Junior is a badass!

  2. jon sachs says:

    I agree. Junior Brown has more talent than all the hat acts combined. Deep, resonant voice, good songs, and the best guitar player in any genre since Jimi.

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