Young Man, Old Man’s voice

David Jacobs-Strain is only 22 years old. Look at his baby faced picture and wonder, “what does he know about the blues?” Then listen to some of his music and all that trepidation will dissipate. As a professional musician since before graduating high school, Jacobs-Strain has been making a name for himself in the blues. He already has an impressive number of recordings and has toured extensively. By drawing from a catalog of traditional blues songs as well as creating his own, David Jacobs-Strain understands the feel, sound, and style of the early blues greats. Check out his latest album Ocean Or A Teardrop including this mp3 stream of the title track. When I saw David Jacobs-Strain perform last summer, the woman next to me gasped “wow, that kid is crazy good!” I’d have to agree.

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