New Release Tuesday: Robert Randolph

Since emerging from a House of God church in Orange, New Jersey steeped in the “sacred steel” tradition, Robert Randolph’s astonishing pedal steel playing has had a revolutionary impact. His infectious music can draw comparison to Sly and The Family Stone at times and even to Jimi Hendrix, and sometimes Lenny Kravitz such as on This video of the Thrill of It from Robert Randolph and The Family Band’s new album Colorblind.

I have been listening to this new album Colorblind for several weeks. I gave the CD a chance. I listened to it numerous times. And though I feel that Robert Randolph and The Family Band are immensely talented, this CD left me wanting that one great song which would seal the deal on the CD and that would make me tell people, “you have GOT to get this CD.” However, I never got that. I just don’t think anything on the album is anywhere close to the song More Love. Check out this amazing performance on Letterman.

Unfortunately, the CD ends up sounding like an ill-fated attempt to be something that its not. It is the type of CD that if you are a huge Robert Randolph fan, you will enjoy. However, I don’t think he will be gaining new fans from the release. I have definitely not given up on Robert Randolph- I am still a fan. I just don’t think this album is that great. Do you disagree? Please leave comments and show me what I’m missing.

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