Not a Dead Ripoff Band: The New Face of Jam Rock

The Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) is a great new jam band. This group has talent, distinct lyrics, and is not relegated to the basements of drunken fraternity parties. The music is both fresh and timeless. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “This ain’t no wish-it-was-Jerry jam band knockoff, kid, but killer electric jazz improv. ALO excels at floating harmonies, soulful vocals, sublime bass grooves, tasty Rhodes keyboards and the most ace lead guitar lines.” I couldn’t have summed up the group better myself.

Waiting for Jaden is one of my favorite songs by this band. The song tells the story about how Zach Gill, the keyboardist, was waiting for his daughter, Jaden, to be born. However, the baby was past her due date and the doctors were threatening to induce labor- Gill did not like that idea! You can listen to the song to find out more info,… anyway, it conveys the strong emotion of waiting for a baby to be born. Not something you typically hear in a jam-band song.Below are mp3s from live shows for Waiting for Jaden and other favorites of mine. Pick up their album today🙂

Waiting for Jaden

Walls of Jericho

Girl I wanna Lay You Down

Wasting Time (Isla Vista Song).


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4 thoughts on “Not a Dead Ripoff Band: The New Face of Jam Rock

  1. Oliver says:

    Nice song. It’s good to learn of new groups.Did you mean for the name to be Jaden?

  2. cosmicelevator says:

    Hi there
    Nice blog you have here. I write about jambands too, sometimes.

  3. […] 12:50 am (Music, media, mp3) With today’s lauch of Vista, I find myself thinking about the ALO post I wrote in October.  What does ALO have to do with Vista?  It’s the song Wasting Time (Isla […]

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