The Grumpiest Music Reviewer on the Web

This whimsical, eclectic, menagerie of musical ramblings, reviews, and recordings is not moving towards the dark side- at least not for now. However, I wanted to point you towards the grumpiest music reviewer I have found on the web: Only Solitaire. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the critical reviews on his site- though they are WAY too long for my taste. What really gets me is the classes that this website has lumped bands into. Here are some examples borrowed from the site (Class A is the best, Class E is the worst):

Class C: Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys, The Zombies, Simon and Garfunkel
Class D: The Grateful Dead, Jeff Beck, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young

These gross generalizations are, well, just plain gross. And, in my opinion completely lacking in appreciation for quality music. Thoughts in the blogosphere? Shoot em at me 😉

3 thoughts on “The Grumpiest Music Reviewer on the Web

  1. Man, that website has no mention of Van Morrison.

    I rest my case.

    (P.S. Searching for a mention of Astral Weeks is *always* a litmus test)

  2. km says:

    LOL….CCR is a B-band. And so is Cream. What an unimaginative task, to actually rank something as intangible as music.

    (Wasn’t there a duo on the web (where else?) that basically slammed ALL classic albums? I can’t remember their names right now.)

  3. Pico says:

    With all due respect, THIS is the grumpiest music reviewer on the web:


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