Wisconsin’s Wandering Sons

After the last post’s call out for regional greats, I received an email about The Wandering Sons. They are a soulful alt-country/folk group from Wisconsin. Their sound reminds me a little bit of Fastball, Jakob Dylan, and surprisingly even Zachary Richard. The Wandering Sons has the soul and feel of a singer-songwriter guitarist with a backing band. I wasn’t able to find a bio on the group, so if you have any more information about them, please post or email me. The songs that I particularly like are Thousands of Honest People and Gettin’ By.

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Wandering Sons

  1. Hey there, you can find out more about this great band from Appleton, WI by visiting their website, http://www.thewanderingsons.com

  2. lostmelodies says:

    Barton sent me a note and recommends the song “New Orleans” It’s worth checking out.

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