Louis Armstrong Sings Blueberry Hill

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. This and the next couple of posts are going to be about cover songs. People seem to love hearing cover songs whenever they go to concerts. Somehow at every show, someone wants to hear “Stairway to Heaven” or “Free Bird.”

This Louis Armstrong Clip features Louis Armstrong singing his song “A Kiss to Build a Dream on,” followed by Fats Domino’s classic “Blueberry Hill.” Though on Louis Armstrong’s Greatest Hits, there is a version of Blueberry Hill, I prefer the youtube version because it does not have any background singers.

Louie Armstrong is so great, it’s virtually impossible to watch this without having a big smile on your face. Let me know if you agree and if you have any other recommendations for other great cover songs to link on here.


One thought on “Louis Armstrong Sings Blueberry Hill

  1. Jazz Site says:

    Those songs are awesome to listen to. Louis Armstrong was indeed on of the more successful jazz musicians to have ever lived.

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