I created www.lostmelodies.com after perusing a CD shop with some of my friends. While walking through the shop, I would stop and ask my friends if they had heard of an artist. 9 times out of 10, they shrugged their shoulders. I find this to be very unfortunate and decided (at their request, to make a blog about music). So, this page will be my way of sharing my love for music with my friends and the world (friends I haven’t met yet!). I will feature artists and songs that you may or may not have heard as well as related musings about music. I will try to find songs/artists that are not typically played on the radio as well as music resources for you to enjoy. Some of my favorite genres are: classic rock, folk, and blues, though this website will include a variety of genres. These are all my selections based on years of searching for hidden gems. I hope you enjoy. Please leave comments! Thanks.


Please Note: this website does not host any media besides the text and links included on this web page. The owner of this website is thus not responsible for information or media on other sites.


One thought on “About

  1. Thank you for adding me as a link to your site. I like yours a lot which is why I added your blog to mine. I agree wth you about the plainness. While I do add images to mine I try not to overdue it.

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