Frequently Asked Questions
Why don’t you have pictures, graphics, etc. on your site?
There are a number of reasons for this. My primary concern is for the content on this website. It’s what the web page is all about. I have spent a lot of time providing relavent links to biographies, websites, music clips, and videos that are hosted on other sites. By keeping the website minimalist, it keeps the speed up for everyone, regardless of connection.

What kind of publicity has your site received?
This site has been featured or linked to on:

What are your favorite bands?
When I first started this site, I got this question a lot. However, I do not have a good answer. I listen to many different genres and the goal of my site is to share some of this love with you. Usually when people ask the question of favorite bands, they are wondering if my taste in styles will match their own tastes. I listen to many different kinds of music and just because you like one band or song that I pick, you might hate the next and vice versa. This is all personal opinion. Regardless whether you like ALL of my choices, I hope you will at least give some of them a chance.

Why did you feature ____? Everyone knows that song/band/etc.!
I feature songs that are not regularly heard on the radio and that I find to be worthwhile from a multitude of genres. Often you might have heard of a band, but might not know the specific song (unless you are very dedicated fan). Sometimes you will know the song- but I try my best to find songs that you don’t know. I also do feature artists who you might not be familiar with. I like to keep a balance between more obscure and more familiar musicians. But, always try to find the lost melodies.

Do you accept submissions? Will you review a CD on your site? Why haven’t you featured my favorite songs/bands/lost melodies?
I definitely accept submissions, CDs for review, suggestions, etc. and I will be sure to credit you, your site, etc. if I find it to be appropriate for Lost Melodies. Did you hear a song/artist on Pandora that you want to share? Please do. I am open to guest and/or regular contributions to the site. Email lostmelodies@lostmelodies.com

What are Snap Shots™? How do I turn off Snap Shots™?

Snap Shots™ makes it easier for site owners to empower their readers with enhanced hyperlinks that display previews, text summaries, videos, MP3s, etc. Note, whenever there is a link to an Amazon.com music clip or website, the snap shot™ appears to be just the homepage, however this is not the case! To disable Snap Shots™ (formerly Snap Previews), click here [via].

Why doesn’t this link work?
I don’t have control of external sites. If you find that a link is dead and want to notify me. Send an email to lostmelodies@lostmelodies.com

FAQ updated 05/20/2008


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